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A SouthBound concert captures the music and spirit of the world's greatest Southern rock band. Two drummers on every tune, two screaming guitars on "Rambling Man", wistful vocals on "Midnight Rider", slinky slide solos on "One Way Out", the frenetic energy of "Whipping Post"...all more powerful than the originals. Signature details blend with classic jams and improvisations, creating a once-in-a-lifetime live concert experience.


SouthBound’s powerful blues-rock is uniquely tinged with elements of country, jazz, and even classical, redefining rock music and its boundaries. The extended on-stage jamming is altering the standards of the concert performance in the same manner as the Allman Brothers Band at their peak: always exciting, never self-indulgent. The music has a distinctly Southern voice, which is only natural since all of SouthBound’s players are either originally from the US South or have spent significant time there.


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